About Haley:

Hi there!

I wanted to take a few minutes and properly introduce myself. I’m Haley, I live in New York State, I’m happily married, a proud fur-momma, and I have had Endometriosis since I was 14 years old.

Growing up with Endo was not an easy feat, I talk about in depth here. And as I am getting older it is flaring up creating more difficulties. I was beginning to really struggle with my disorder; so I decided to start writing about it.

I have found through blogging about my journey I started to fully embrace who I am and have been able to connect with amazing women from all over the world. This disorder is not an easy one to live through, and I have found such strength in numbers.

If you feel inspired by what I have to say, or if it resonates with you in anyway; I would love to hear from you. Please reach out via e-mail or twitter:

E-mail: haleylpjohnson@gmail.com
Twitter: @heyleebird