Endo Doesn’t Have You

The last several weeks I’ve been carrying around quite the cyst. I know this because of how it feels when I move around during my day in addition to general symptoms. Typically my symptoms involve nausea, bloating, pelvic pain that varies from mild to severe, etc.

When I really could notice it’s existence I called my doctor and would recommend anyone else to please do the same out of your safety. I call nowadays to inform them so my medical records can be updated in order to help track how often these significant cysts are occurring.

A bit of time went by, maybe two weeks and the cyst ruptured. I know this because of the severe burst of pain followed by extensive bleeding. (again, if you think you may have had a cyst rupture please inform your doctor).

This rupture was hard for me to deal with. It has been several months since I’ve had an outburst and I was getting to what I think of as the ‘peak point’ in having Endo. The place where you can almost forget that you have it. For me, these peaks are followed by deep disappointment and harsh reality. I do have it, I am in significant pain, and I can’t get it to stop.

This harsh declines can be hard to work through. For me, being such a young woman wanting to enjoy myself with my girlfriends who have no idea what this is like can be difficult. It can be difficult trying to explain myself to people because when they look at me, I appear to be completely fine. Whenever I begin to feel this way I almost immediately reach out to my mother and my husband for support. My mom and I are very close and she too has Endo so she understands exactly what I am experiencing. I feel that it is important my husband knows what is going on, and he is also a great support system as my peer and my best friend.

However, I hadn’t felt so low about Endo in quite some time. Now that I am feeling better I wanted to make sure I extend a lifeline out into the Endo community.

One of the absolute best remedies for someone with Endo, is to talk to someone else with Endo. There is nothing like that connection and I would truly recommend it to all and anyone within this community. Find your Endo tribe – having Endo is not easy. I can’t even promise that it gets better with time because I’m not sure that it does. You will have bad days, bad weeks, bad months. Hell, I’ve had bad years. But you will also have good days, good weeks, good months, good years, and ultimately a good and fulfilling life. My biggest piece of advice when you are feeling low, (because you will and that’s okay) is to feel what you have to feel in that moment and then dry your eyes, pick yourself up, and live.

You have Endo. Endo doesn’t have you.

Stay connected with Haley via twitter @heyleebird
If you are a woman who is a gladiator to Endometriosis or a similar illness that would like to spread awareness through your story please e-mail Haley at haleylpjohnson@gmail.com

I am not a medical professional by any means – I am merely someone who has lived with Endometriosis for the past decade. Through my experience I am hoping that I can help all of you. For more information on Endometriosis click here.

This article completely applies to our friends in the LGBTQ+ community; I want to acknowledge those who may be in a relationship other than a straight-cisgendered one and who still face their own struggles with Endo. I am simply speaking from my own experience. xx

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