“BOOM” Goes the ‘Dynamite’


February 24, 2017

5:23 am
I woke up holding my stomach, moaning in pain, rolling back and forth slowly from one side to the other. Was I going to throw up? I needed to go to the bathroom. I got up, went to the bathroom, sat down, and the pain intensified. My heart began racing, sweat rolling down my forehead, my skin felt cold, my legs were shaking uncontrollably. I grabbed the marble counter top, and lifted myself up. 

“BOOM” goes the 15 cm cyst living on my right ovary.

As I became conscious, I heard crashing, my body felt hot and cold all at once. My vision was blurred. I heard Gary run to me screaming my name. I was on the floor. I had passed out. He lifted me up, I was incoherent. The ambulance was on its way. 

My entire body hurt, my abdomen was throbbing, my face felt like it had a hole in it. It didn’t have a hole in it, it was left broken from the marble counter top my face landed on as I passed out. 

I was fading in and out of consciousness. 

March 21, 2017

7:30 am
Full of fear and anxiety; we left for the hospital. It was finally the day we had been waiting for, exploratory surgery day. The 15 cm cyst that had lived on my right ovary had ruptured almost a month prior, but it left behind several smaller friends. My ovaries were covered with little bundles of cysts. I had been diagnosed with Endometriosis for years, but we had never seen it. We didn’t know the full extent. At 23 how bad can it actually be? We decided it was time to explore; the problem was that we did not know what would be discovered once the exploration began. More importantly, we didn’t know what would be left. 

I changed into my retro yellow gown, laid down, while my mother braided my hair, and Gary held my hand. I was trying not to cry. What were they going to find? Do I have another larger-than-life cyst? Will I lose my ovary? Ovaries? Can we have children? Do we have to have children right now? How bad is the Endometriosis, really?

The nurse came in with the anesthesiologist and I fell asleep; went to surgery for a little over an hour, and woke up. But in reality, felt like a blink of an eye. One blink, and I would wake up with the potential to have a completely different life. 

“Stage Four Endometriosis. We cauterize most of it; we bought you some time. But you will need to conceive within the next 1-2 years if you want to have children, naturally.”

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If you are a woman who is a gladiator to Endometriosis or a similar illness that would like to spread awareness through your story please e-mail Haley at haleylpjohnson@gmail.com or follow these instructions!

I am not a medical professional by any means – I am merely someone who has lived with Endometriosis for the past decade. Through my experience I am hoping that I can help all of you. For more information on Endometriosis click here.

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