Living My Best Life (BC Free)

It has been about a month since I have changed my birth control (BC) for the umpteenth time. I have been waiting to report back my progress and struggles until all of the side effects cooled down a bit.

With that being said, let me explain the rough timeline for you all:

2008: began ‘the pill’ because of my heavy periods as well as diagnosis of Endo. Doctors were concerned about my ability to conceive children and wanted to help tone things down a bit. 

2009: stopped the pill; started Nuva Ring. I hated having to remember to take my pill everyday and it simply was not for me. I loved the Nuva Ring and used it for quite a long time!

2014: forced to stop Nuva Ring; started pill again. Began experiencing significant vaginal pain, from the ring…essentially my Vagina wasn’t okay with a foreign object hanging out all the time and had a fit.

2015: began and stopped: various types of pills and the the patch; ended with IUD. For almost the entire year of 2015 I was experimenting with all types of forms of birth control and finally decided to try out the IUD, even though I did enjoy the patch very much.

2017: severe outburst of Endo. When everything was said and done I continued the IUD but also had to go onto the pill. One form of BC was for my period, the other was for the formation of cysts. 

2018 (Current): IUD removed. Taking a 3 month ‘cleanse’ from BC. I was experiencing significant cervical pain from my IUD and decided it would be best to have it removed…which brings us to today! 

First Month of No BC:
As I said before, it has been one month of no BC and honestly I am feeling really good. But let me be clear the last month has not been easy. I have been on BC for the last decade, and being only 24 that really impacted me a lot. Part of me feels as though I do not completely know who I am when not on BC. Nor do I feel like I know my body for everything she is, either. But now that the hot flashes, mood swings, and insomnia have settled I feel more like Haley than I ever have before.

My doctor and I determined that for the next 3 months we’re going to let my body reset itself hormonally and see how everything shakes out. I have noticed some pain here and there from minor cysts rupturing, but nothing that I am not use to. To be honest, I prefer that pain to the pain I had in my cervix. I think this is mostly because of how I have become so use to the Endo pain. New types of pain are far more difficult to cope with…so here we are!

Enjoying Haley:
I am a bit nervous to see how my body will adjust for really the first time in my adult life to no external hormones and I am curious to see how my Endo manages itself. But in terms of me and how I am feeling…mentally, I feel so great. I told my husband that if it weren’t for my Endo I would be very tempted to never go on BC again because of how much I hate how the side effects impact my life on a daily basis.

I completely forgot what it was like to live without the common side effects of BC and now that I am relearning what it feels like I can honestly say I am going to really regret having to go back on it. But at this point I am going to enjoy feeling like my true self.

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I am not a medical professional by any means – I am merely someone who has lived with Endometriosis for the past decade. Through my experience I am hoping that I can help all of you. For more information on Endometriosis click here.

2 thoughts on “Living My Best Life (BC Free)

  1. I’ve been on every type of bc except for Depo. My body just can’t handle it, especially because I have IBS on top of Endo and hormones are a huge trigger for my stomach. I hope things work out for you, weather you stay off the bc or not.


    1. Yes! Depo was put on the table and then I decided to do a BC ‘cleanse’ haha. I will be posting about how that has been going now that it has been some time. Thank you so much for reaching out, I will be sure to check out your blog!


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