The meaning of the name “Zelda” can be translated to dark battle, happy, and blessed.

I am a firmly believer that everything happens for a reason; yes, everything. And I like to feel that I have seen my fair-share of heartache.

Yet when I reflect on the meaning behind the name Zelda, I am intrigued. This was a nickname for me growing up, given to my mother by my great, great aunt. It was later passed on to me and I hold it near to my heart.

However, it wasn’t until recently that I really looked to this name as an identifier. As I think of my chronic pain journey, I can’t help but feel a pull of some sort to this name as well as it’s meaning.

When asked of my journey with chronic pain, I would easily identify with it being that of a dark battle one that I find myself to feel very alone and helpless on (even though I am surrounded by those who love me).

One, that I am trying to change my mindset so that maybe I can find the purpose behind why this has happened to me. And I think more importantly, I would like to create a dialogue with anyone out there, so that you know, you are not alone. We are here, all of us, getting through this. One day at a time, until we can feel happy, and blessed about the dark battles we fight – every single day.


Stay connected with Haley via twitter @heyleebird
If you are a woman who is a gladiator to Endometriosis or a similar illness that would like to spread awareness through your story please e-mail Haley at haleylpjohnson@gmail.com


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