I used the unicorn bath bomb – here’s what happened

Let me start by saying, I don’t work for Fragrance Jewels nor am I sponsored by them in anyway. The following is all my own opinion.

The last couple weeks of work were a little crazy because of the holiday season approaching. Once I finished everything up I decided that ya girl deserved a night to treat myself. I lit a few candles, turned on my guy Miguel, cranked the hot water, and released the magnificent bath bomb by fragrance jewels: Unicorn Tears. And it was magical.


The bath water turned a warm glittery purple, as the rainbow foam released and I dove on in. I looked up the value of my ring that I received and laid back and relaxed. After soaking up every ounce of unicorn magic, reality set back in and the tub began to drain.

I have to admit that the bath itself was wonderful, it smelled great, and my skin was soft when I got out. However, the traces of color from the bath bomb were left behind. I had to wipe the tub down after, and managed to get a good amount of color, but I wanted to warn everyone who may be interested.


In general, the bath bombs range from $15 to $30 depending on what you get. I also tried the wicked gold bomb during Halloween, and experienced the same issues. The bath itself is wonderful, but the after affect on my tub isn’t great. I really liked the ring that I got in the unicorn tear bath bomb. It is so cute and right up my ally, my ring is valued at around $25 and I really like it. It is one of my favorite things that the fragrant bath bombs has to offer!

Pros: smell, visually appealing, colorful, free ring!

Cons: leaves heavy color residue after-the-fact, mildly stains tub

Overall: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

But for now, if you are interested, check out fragrant jewels here! I received a ton of different bath bombs for my birthday so I will definitely be reviewing more, so stay tuned!

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