Dairy Free Chronicles: Chapter One

As some of you may know, I have recently made the decision to go dairy free. To those who are close to me this isn’t a big surprise. Throughout my life I have never really been a fan; I have never enjoyed cheese or milk, but on occasion I would partake. Because of this, I felt going dairy free would be pretty easy! So I woke up last week and cut dairy out of my life, cold turkey.  Little did I know the amount of food that I DID enjoy that had some sort of dairy in it! *sigh*

With that being said, I have already noticed positive the effects of being more mindful of the food that I put into my body. I am not as bloated, my stomach doesn’t hurt nearly as much (if at all) , and in general I am feeling so much better. I had no idea how often or how much I was hurting from consuming dairy until I completely stopped.

But just because I have noticed positive physical effects, that doesn’t mean that this hasn’t been a difficult week for me on a more mental level. What certainly didn’t help is that this past week was my birthday. Loved ones from all over wanted to provide me with delicious treats without realizing this new adventure I had begun (rather unexpectedly). We all know that dairy is in ice cream, and cake, and cookies, etc. that I knew would make me feel terrible. My body was saying “no way!” but my mind was yelling “YES PLEASE”.

I suppose what I am really saying…with only being a week into this journey; is that this is far more a mental task for me than it is physical. Which I can’t honestly say I expected. So far the hardest part for me has been mentally checking in with myself and reminding myself that yes, although traditional ice cream is delicious, it will also make me feel like my insides are going to erupt. And that is not worth the few minutes of delight!

To anyone else who may have found themselves on a similar journey, I want to say to you, to not give up. Hang in there. We know that this will be worth it, and we can not quit on ourselves. Not this time. And lastly, as I finish typing this post, a notification just popped up for my motivational quote and it is too fitting to not include:

When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.
– Lao Tzu

Let go of the previous notions of what we were, and who we were via what we consumed. And let’s enjoy this new journey of what we may become.

Until next time,
Love & Light – H

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