It’s Time

With my birthday right around the corner I have found myself reflecting quite a lot. My mind has been very full with all sorts of ideas.

My age. My weight. My health. My career. My goals. My struggles. My hopes.

What will this next year hold for me? What will I learn? What will I achieve? What will I struggle with? How much of this do I really have control over?

The reality is: not much. But there are things that I do have control over. My mindset being the first. A year ago I found myself in a similar place and as I think of how much progress I made; I feel pride. But I know there is room for more and I feel ready. I feel impatient. It’s time.

I work so hard, day in and day out to take care of others. To focus on my career and my degree. I wake up, do what I’m suppose to and go to sleep. But I’m still feeling empty. As I grow a little older with each passing year, I am realizing that although I enjoy my career it is not what brings me true fulfillment. Instead, who I am at the end of the day is what truly matters to me. I find that I become sucked in to the everyday hustle. I use to be better at finding time for myself and I think it is time to make myself a priority yet again. Ideally, permanently this time.

Tonight I downloaded my free trial of a fitness app and we shall see…I’m hoping that in tracking my progress digitally I will be held more accountable and enjoy seeing the change that I will make. If you are finding yourself in a similar place, I would love to hear from you!

Stay tuned and as always, feel free to follow along via Instagram @mshaleyjohnson

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