DIY: 30 Minute Turkey Onesie

Yesterday my sister posted an interesting revelation I had not thought of. My nephew (her son) is about to be 11 months old; as it would turn out, he is just a very large baby. He is about the size of a 2 year old. My sister was in the market for a “first Thanksgiving” outfit until she realized that they do not make such a thing for children that are large enough to have already experienced Thanksgiving.

Being the crafty Aunt that I am; I decided I would make one myself and give it to my sister and nephew.  With that being said, over the last year, I have been lucky enough to become an Aunt THREE times over. I will be spending Thanksgiving with two of these handsome men, so I decided to make a onesie for each. One boy is about 2 months old, but on the smaller side, and the other is nearly 11 months old and on the larger side.

In total, the craft took me about 30 minutes from start to finish, even with a mess up! Here is what I did for anyone else out there who has been also been graced with a bundle of joy that does not fit that status quo!

What You Need

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  • Appropriate Sized Onesie (I bought two, 0-3M & 24M)
  • Fat Quarter of Fabric
  • Needle/Thread or Sewing Machine
  • Template For Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Graphic of Choice

You are going to need a onesie, I found the one pictured above at Walmart in clearance for about $3 and was sold. I really liked the neutral oatmeal color, and there wasn’t too much to cover up!

I found the fat quarter of fabric for 98 cents and it was plenty for both onesies, as well as a little extra left over, even after I messed up the first time! If you have fabric already laying around I’m sure it would be enough. I chose brown to keep with the Thanksgiving theme!

I used a thin piece of cardboard as my template to help cover up the graphic that was already printed on the onesie. While cutting the fabric I cut on the outside of the line and turned the fabric over so the marker would not show.

Covering Graphic

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Once you cut the fabric in the shape that you are happy with you will need to lay it onto the onesie and then pin it so that you can sew. I used my sewing machine and the entire project took maybe 30 minutes (for BOTH onesies!)

I will say, the circle shape was challenging to sew around, if you do not have a ton of experience sewing I would recommend using a shape like a rectangle or square – having straight edges can make all the difference when you are first starting out!

New Graphic

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I was able to find a turkey headband also at Walmart – I detached each turkey from the headband and used Velcro to attach the turkeys to the onesie. I went this route because it not only made my life easier while crafting, but it will also make everyone’s life easy when washing the onesie.

I stuck the Velcro onto the back of the Turkey’s head and then sewed an “X” on the Velcro that was attached to the onesie. I did this because that is the one that will be going through the wash so I felt it should be extra secure!

Also – you may be wondering why the need to wash it in the first place if it will never be used again? I wanted this to be an option because I am one of five daughters and we are all in the midst of creating our families. I figured that depending on what the future holds there could be a need for these onesies in the future which is why I wanted them to be easy to wash!

Gobble Gobble! 

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THIRTY MINUTES later and I was one satisfied Aunt with TWO adorable, matching onesies! I also wanted to say that although two little boys will be wearing this, a little girl could also easily pull it off!

Check out more images of the onesies on my Instagram @mshaleyjohnson and PLEASE let me know if you try this out! I would LOVE to see your results!!

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